The vision of Project Samson is to see men free from sexual strongholds and to create a environment that is free of guilt and condemnation so men can be comfortable being transparent. 

Our Misson

It's important that resources and help be made available to those who are struggling. Please make the decision for yourself and your love ones to get help today! call the NOW !

The Lives We Impact

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"" I felt that as men we have in times past had a hard time expressing our emotions and even dealing with our emotions. After hearing Valton my eyes were open and now I realize that its ok to be transparent, and talk about what I'm feeling. I'm ready now to let go of those things that have held me back and live in my freedom.""


D. T

''Mantle of a Man Conference 2016""

To give Hope, Help and Healing to gain freedom from sexual addiction and compulsive behaviors. Through comprehensive and innovative treatment men are being set free. We believe we will fortify our families, communities and the world one man at a time.

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“My goal is to impact everyone I come in contact with." I believe that through one life many lives are touched and changed. A famous quote reads " give a man a fish feed him for a  day, teach him to fish and feed him for a life time". There are four seasons and like nature seasons we all have times in our lives when things change. Change is difficult that's why we walk through the process with our brothers letting them know that there are men who stand with them. 

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         Our Vision

  • Personal Coaching and Sponsorship
  • Comprehensive and Innovative treatments.
  • Indivdiuval treatment plans and counseling.I
  • Family and Spousal support with  Co-dependence counseling..
  • Providing education and Resources